LiveBird in ACTION just add your favorite decoy!

This was a GREAT hunt!
Check out how the BigFoot Goose decoy looks
when you combine it with the LiveBird Motion Mount by Natural Motion Decoys.

Hunt in East Tennesse!
provided by hunters Craig Gaby and Dr. Stephen Box

The LiveBird motion mount with a strutting tom turkey decoy attached.
Turkeys are attracted to motion but the motion has to be more subtle
and natural than other motion decoys are able to provide.
With the LiveBird unit, you provide your favorite decoys and we add the lifelike movement!

Tom shares how LiveBird allows you to add life to your favorite decoys!
The motion mount will slowly rotate and give your decoy a lifelike wobble.
From a sentry goose to a strutting tom, the LiveBird
unit makes your spread irresistible!


Attract more birds or
your money back!!

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