You work your turkey call perfectly and after going back and forth your tom finally makes himself visible and he can see your decoy.  He hangs up and turns away.  What was missing?  Motion!  The LiveBird motion mount adds just the right amount of natural motion without looking robotic or “herky-Jerky”.


If you depend on wind driven movement, you are at the mercy of the breeze.  The battery operated LiveBird motion mount can provide up to 40 hours of movement on one set of batteries!


The motion mount can work with a hard body or shell decoy.  Make your favorite decoy that much better by adding lifelike motion!


Suggested placement:

With a set up of a jake behind 2 hens, you can add motion to the jake or the jake and hen to drive the tom crazy.  Setting up a strutting tom in a field with a couple of hens has the same effect.

Suggested Range of Motion Magnet set-up:

1 and 6 – Strutting Tom

2 and 5 – Jake or Hen


Attract more birds or
your money back!!

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