How It Works

Range of Motion


Do turkey, geese or duck spin quickly around in a complete circle when they feed? Of course not. But that’s how most motion decoys work…and if the wind is high, the motion not only looks unnatural but it scares birds AWAY instead of bringing them in.


That’s why the adjustable range of motion on the LiveBird motion mount is so important.  Your decoy will move slowly back and forth with just the right amount of wobble and really recreate natural motion.  Not only that but you can adjust how far the decoy travels before it comes back the other way by simply adjusting the magnets.


For a longer range of motion, like for a sentry goose, you can set the magnets in the 1-6 position.  For feeding birds, you can shorten the travel by moving them to the 1-6. 2-5 or  3-4 would create the most subtle movement. 


Experiment and see what works best with your favorite decoys!



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