The LiveBird motion mount is perfect for adding some life into your goose spread.  The movement of the LiveBird is realistic but subtle enough not to scare off incoming geese.  A full body decoy like the Bigfoot easily sits right on top of the unit.  A shell decoy attaches on the mounting post and stays firmly in place.


The battery powered motion mount adds movement without using a “herky-jerky” unnatural motion.  The mounting board provides the right amount of wobble and keeps the decoy from looking robotic.


Battery life can range from about 40 hours in warm weather to 20 hours in the cold.

Suggested placement in spread:

The nice thing about the LiveBird motion mount is that you don’t need to add one to EVERY decoy.       Use motion in your landing area, among your sentry spread and of course spread them out among your feeders.

Suggested Range of Motion Magnet Settings:

Sentry Goose – 1 and 6

Feeder Goose – 2 and 5


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