The LiveBird motion mount if great for when you are field hunting ducks.  Some motion decoys provide TOO much motion, especially if wind conditions are high. 


The LiveBird motion mount uses subtle consistent movement without seeming “robotic”.  The motion mount has just enough wobble to keep the decoy looking realistic.


Battery life can range from about 40 hours in warm weather to 20 hours in the cold.

Suggested Placement in Spread:

A great way to bring the ducks into the field is to set up both a duck spread AND a goose spread.  Keep the ducks separated in their own gathering but use motion mounts in both your goose set up and your duck set up.

Suggested Range of Motion Magnet set-up:

2 and 5 – Active Duck Decoy

3 and 4 – Feeder Duck Decoy


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